Anderson School

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1930 2nd grade class - 1933 1st grade class

1933 5th grade class - Marol Lee Mitchell's Birthday Party - 1929

In the 1930, 2nd grade picture, my dad, William James McGuire, Jr. is the third little boy from the left, in the back row.

In the 1933, 5th grade picture, is my dad again, second boy from the right in that back row of boys.

In the 1933 1st grade picture is my uncle, Robert Charles McGuire, but I'm not sure which one he is.. I think he is the 3rd child from the right in the second row from the bottom. I'm going to try to find out for sure about that.

The last picture has written on the back ' Anderson - March 23rd, 1929, Marol Lee Mitchell's birthday party, Billie age 5.' (Billie being my dad again) He must be the little boy right behind the little girl who is first on the left, in the front row. I think, but am not sure, that the little girl in front of him might be his younger sister, Margie, but I am not 100% certain about it.

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