Belmont School

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Class at Belmont School - year unknown

Back row
Henry Tatum, ____, Hazel Troxel (Chase), Viola Owens, Bell Chase, Tracy Troxel, Ella Gertrude Shearwood
(Holloway), Mabel Dobbs and ___ (not sure which one is to left of teacher) Tom Cloud( The Teacher)
Carl Troxel, Denzil Stalker, Willard Hall, ____

2nd Row
Vergie Cunningham, Ida Stalker, Georgie Eppard, Glady Crothers(?). Virginia Reed, Florence Holloway, Cora
Dobbs, Bea Spencer, Nell Dobbs, Gene Eppard, Richard Sheran(?), Henry Parker, Aryie Troxel(?), Cecil Troxel,
Arter Smith, Kenneth Holloway, ____, Pearl Cain, Riley Shehan, John Higgs, Louie Spencer

Front row
Myrtle Hudson, Daisy Hudson,____, Ollie Eppard, __, Anna Spencer (Stalker), Bea Eppard, ____, Chester
Shearwood, ____, ____, Glen Cain, Holloway, Fred Smith, Lawerence Williams, ____.

Class members' names by Ella Shearwood Holloway
(transcribed from back of photo)

Submitted by David A. Houpt

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